The Dick Smith downfall: why the ASX isn’t necessarily as “risk-free” as we think

The need for equity crowdfunding has become more and more apparent for retail investors following a series of confidence shakers on the ASX. The Case of Dick Smith Electronics One such case is the ASX debacle of well-known retailer, Dick… Continue Reading →

What online shopping will look like in the near future

In Australia alone, 65% of the population shop online and our total online sales amounted to just over $30 billion last year. With the industry continuing to grow exponentially, where will it head and what do shoppers have to look… Continue Reading →

How does Equity Crowdfunding differ from an IPO?

First thing’s first – what is an IPO and what part does it play in capital raising? An IPO is an Initial Public Offering and it’s where a company chooses to offer its stock for the first time to the… Continue Reading →

This tech company wants to bring back what we used to love about shopping (and they’re using AI to do it)  

The future of shopping is how we remember it. We live in a time where everything we need is just a few clicks of a mouse away. A lot of what we do online revolves around shopping, whether it be… Continue Reading →

The business models kicking goals in a digital world

The business model of the tech and digital world is why these companies undoubtably dominate the startup space. If you look at any awards programs around the country, most (if not all) winners for categories like “Startup of the Year” are tech… Continue Reading →

Blockchain tech jobs in high demand: why they’re a growing necessity for innovation

Blockchain technology was originally created for digital currency however its use has extended far beyond that into many other industries. Most of us think it’s a fairly new concept, however, blockchain has been around for many years.   In 2017,… Continue Reading →

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