Blockchain technology was originally created for digital currency however its use has extended far beyond that into many other industries. Most of us think it’s a fairly new concept, however, blockchain has been around for many years.


In 2017, the number of job advertisements relating to blockchain more than tripled. The business world continues to embrace ever-advancing technology to increase efficiency and blockchain has the biggest potential to disrupt the way companies operate and provide their services.


The technology enables the anonymous exchange of digital assets and the blockchain ecosystem lets people transact in real-time without having to rely on a central authority for verification. The big draw-card is that it allows for faster and cheaper transactions.


Blockchain Engineers, as they are often called, are in high demand in the banking and finance industries. The large consulting firms like Deloitte also hunt for this talent as do the likes of tech giant, IBM. Other organisations exploring the uses of blockchain include Australia Post, and each of the major banks. This goes to show that the technology is revolutionising systems across varying industries and more than anything, it demonstrates that the business world is taking this technology very seriously. It is estimated that in 2016, venture capital investment in startups that implement Bitcoin and blockchain exceeded US$1.1billion.

Homegrown Examples

In the pursuit of innovation and new ways of thinking, homegrown startups like Konvo, Australia’s first social shopping platform, are also relying on blockchain. Speaking to founders Nick Reid and Davide De Vincentiis on the role this has played in their development of an Australian-first concept due to hit us later this year, they suggest that “now more than ever, we [Australia] need to invest in talent and people. We can’t just aim big without the right skills.”


Konvo is a revolutionary eCommerce platform that bypasses the traditional merchant barriers and separates itself in a highly competitive market. ‘Koin’ is Konvo’s merchant payment system and digital currency for shoppers and merchants that is built on IBM blockchain.


With the ultimate driving force being a platform that provides the best user experience, De Vincentiis points out that their team of developers are “Australia’s brightest”. He says that the success of Konvo will largely be a result of the investment in the right talent. “Without it, there is no innovation”.


Konvo will soon be open to second-round investment on and Australians over the age of 18 will have the opportunity to invest from $100 and back the company on its rise to success.

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