The future of shopping is how we remember it.

We live in a time where everything we need is just a few clicks of a mouse away. A lot of what we do online revolves around shopping, whether it be for clothing, groceries, furniture or electronics.

The company changing online shopping

We go online, search for a store, click on the products we want, organise payment details and most of the time it is on our doorstep even the next day. We agree that it’s convenient and there’s no stress of carparks and big crowds of busy people. However, in the process of making shopping easier, we lost the fun part of it.

Entirely different to any other e-commerce experience, Konvo has decided to focus on that particular social aspect of shopping. On their platform (which is already in beta stage) people are able to shop online from just about any store with their friends. This concept of “with their friends” is what’s exciting about the future of online shopping once platforms like Konvo hit the market.

Online shopping has become a very isolated activity but imagine how fun and social it would be if it had elements of social network technology, similar to Facebook and Instagram. It’s not going to just be about tagging or sharing the latest Zara collection with your friends though. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), Konvo will allow people to chat and browse online shops together in real-time.


The technology behind what will make Konvo so unique is called ‘true trend’ which will show keywords that are trending in your circle of friends, not just globally across the social network. The AI will work in predicting trends as well as the user’s mood and inspiration that drives their buying behaviour.


Finally, there’s a way that we can have the best of both online and traditional shopping, all in one.


Nick Reid, one of the entrepreneurs behind Konvo, says online stores are now all about “buying rather than shopping” and lack the real enjoyment of shopping. Currently, the entire online experience is very transactional and based around getting you to the checkout fast. For many shoppers, particularly women, shopping is a social event and an opportunity to spend time with friends.

When you go to a shopping centre, you see people together in pairs or groups. The reality is that a lot of people don’t like shopping on their own – they like someone else’s opinion or honest feedback from a friend, partner or even the sales assistant. A second opinion is not readily available online.


In a sneak peek of what Konvo has in the pipeline, Reid revealed that it’s going to soon get even more experiential with the platform developing virtual reality shopping centres. This is going to take social online shopping to an entirely new level.


Proving that there’s merit in their concept, the tech startup has already secured $3 million from private investors and it will soon go to market to secure additional capital. This will allow Konvo to complete the final pieces of the puzzle so that the platform is ready to hit our computers and smartphones.


Konvo is now open to investment on Australia’s newest and largest equity crowdfunding platform, Visit their offer page to be the first to gain access. You can become a shareholder from just $125.