In Australia alone, 65% of the population shop online and our total online sales amounted to just over $30 billion last year.

With the industry continuing to grow exponentially, where will it head and what do shoppers have to look forward to?

We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of online shopping – we google our favourite store, find their site, scroll through to find what we need and hand over our credit card details. But is there a better way to do this? Australian tech startup Konvo says “yes” and not only do they plan to revolutionize online shopping, they plan to do it in a way where you can still shop online without losing the social aspect of traditional shopping.

As Amazon and Alibaba make their move into Australia, there’s been much hype around the way they deliver, in particular the use of drones to get your purchases to you quickly but as it stands, the overall shopping experience is still the same.

Konvo, however, is developing a standalone social platform (like Facebook) where users will sign up, shop and can also interact with their friends at the same time. Shopping has always been a social activity so it’s no surprise research shows that peer validation plays a big part in what you buy. It influences a massive 43% of online purchases.

When Konvo officially launches, your online shopping experience will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Virtual reality shopping centres

Konvo is also already developing virtual reality (VR) shopping centres. These will look like the shopping centres you are used to in the real world and you’ll be able to shop there without ever leaving home. The concept is pretty mind-blowing but as VR creeps its way into our everyday lives, the idea of shopping through VR makes perfect sense.

Again, it comes down to giving consumers convenience and more time. Imagine 24/7 opening hours, no driving, no parking and no pushy salespeople. You’ll get to shop with friends in real-time in a Konvo shopping centre in a different location around the world!

Learn more about Konvo and how they are about to raise $5 million on Australia’s largest equity crowdfunding platform Equity crowdfunding means you, as an Australia over the age of 18, can invest and buy shares in Konvo from $100. It’s a game changer.